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    Fake Grass Supply and Installation l Sunderland and the NE

    Having real grass on your property is really relaxing, and it adds that nice touch of beauty to your house. However, it can be challenging keeping natural turf in a healthy condition in the harsh English weather! It takes a fair bit of work to keep it and its beauty might not be there to keep you satisfied all throughout the year due to changes in weather and climate.

    For customers who are looking to have that fresh, green turf all year-round, Sunderland Artificial Grass Co has just the solution. This product has been popular in the market for years, and it has gained popularity because of its features that make it a great alternative to grass.

    What is Fake Grass?

    Artificial grass, also knows as astro-turf is produced from using synthetic materials and designed to mimic natural grass. This amazing product is traditionally made from recycled materials, such as plastic fibres. The great thing about it is that it can stand the test of time, and you can enjoy it for many years. The longevity and durability of fake grass relies on the quality of the materials and of the installation methods.

    Synthetic turf is a great solution to having that natural-looking grass installed in outdoor areas such as lawns, sporting fields, pool surrounds, playgrounds and restaurants outdoor areas.

    Benefits of Artificial Grass…

    Since fake grass has evolved over the past 20-30 years, it has earned its spot as a popular choice for homeowners and business owners in across the country.

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    Hassle-Free Handling and Installation

    fake grass is a no-fuss material when it comes to handling it. Plus, this material can be placed on just about any surface, no matter what month it is during the year. It can withstand any changes in the climate, and such cannot weaken its installation quality. 


    Little to No Maintenance

    Unlike natural grass that needs a lot of care and upkeep, properties with artificial grass are great for those whose lives are always busy. This is mainly because synthetic grass doesn’t need watering, pruning, trimming, cutting, and treatment using pesticide. 


    Easy Application

    Artificial lawn is so amazing that it can be installed on any surface with ease. Areas such as parks, residential gardens, playground, sporting grounds, schools, childcare centres and much more.


    Safe for Kids and Children

    There are contemporary artificial lawns that can survive without any pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Thus, these lawns or surfaces installed with artificial turf creates a safe ground for both kids and pets to run and play on. Our fur babies love to chew and they love running around, and with high-grade synthetic turfs, you will have a sense of security that the area is perfectly safe for them.



    In terms of practicality, artifical lawns  will help you save time and money in the long term, due to the fact it is easier to maintain than a real turf. Say goodbye to maintenance costs like mowing, watering, and application of pesticide.

    Natural Grass Look and Feel

    Premium Build

    Quality Service

    Where Can I Use Astro-Turf?

    Artificial grass is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, be it in residential or commercial properties, or in public locations. Below are some surfaces on which an artificial lawn can be installed:


    School Grounds

    school grounds are known where children can play around. But, the grass can be treacherous and slippery when it rains. A proper artificial turf installation can transform these grounds into a space where kids can safely run and play around.


    Commercial Properties

    if you are looking for ways to spruce up your commercial property’s façade, then an artificial turf installation is great for you. Be it in town centre amusements, restaurants, parks, bars, and local council landscaping, this alternative can really help you a lot, either for long or short term use.


    Sports Grounds

    it is quite difficult to maintain real grass, especially in vast areas such as sports fields. So, for bigger venues like a football field, opting for an artificial turf is a more practical solution. One amazing thing about fake turf is that the difference from the natural one can’t be easily seen. Also, this alternative material is really easy to maintain.



    nothing is more beautiful than having that green, smooth, and clean artificial turf in your property. Not only does fake grass improve your home’s beauty, it also increases its functionality, and you get to enjoy its beauty all-year round, without any hassle.

    Synthetic Turf Sunderland

    Are you looking for ways to improve your residential or commercial property?

    Then you have come to the right place to have your property installed with artificial grass. For many years, we have provided quality installations, and because of our dedication to our craft, we are the only company to trust. Sunderland Artificial Grass Co leads a team of professionals and specialists who have had training and numerous experiences in turf installation and so much more.

    We bring you an amazing selection of supplies and services for synthetic turfs. All of our products are manufactured by the most reputable producers in England and all over the world. Before we offer them, make sure that all of our products and services have adhered to industry standards and approved by the experts. 

    sunderland fake grass installation


    If you are planning to DIY, we can still offer you with top-grade turfs supply only. If you are unsure about your needs, our synthetic lawn specialists can guide you in selecting the right material that is well within your budget.

    With us, you are guaranteed to never fall short on having that beautiful grass all throughout the year.


    So, if you are not one for DIY install, our company can do it all for you.

    With our high-quality materials, and team of trained landscape experts, we can perform an excellent job and we can give you a long-lasting fake lawn.

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    sunderland grass lawn
    Maintenance and Repair

    If your existing artificial lawn still needs some maintenance and repairs, and you can always ask the help of our professionals.

    We offer cost-effective solutions to help you cut on costs and help you maximise the benefits of your fake turf.

    Remember, your turf has a 10 year warranty so you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, we are there to help.



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    How much does fake grass cost in England?

    The cost of fake grass installation or repair ranges between $53.50 per square meter to $60 per square meter in England. In terms of labour costs, the usual hourly rate of professionals is $50. However, these rates can still change depending on some factors, such as:

    • Type of Artificial Grass — fake turf comes in many different shades, texture, fibre length, and possesses resistance features.


    • Size of the Area — if your area is bigger, the costs will be higher. The same goes for the amount of materials and labour needed.


    • Existing Landscape — your area might have an existing outdoor installation that needs to be removed. In doing so, just be sure to have the ground smooth before installing the fake grass.


    • Place or Location — all throughout England, the cost for labour and installation varies.
    How long does artificial grass last?

    In order for our commercial and residential clients to enjoy their artificial grass without worries, Sunderland Artificial Grass Co offers a 10-year warranty on our artificial turf supplies and installation on top of our unparalleled installation, care, and maintenance services. So, with us by your side, you can feel safe while enjoying your amazing artificial lawn for decades.

    Is there the best base for artificial grass?

    The base material for the artificial grass installation is crucial in executing the whole project. Selecting the best one will make sure that your fake grass can stand the test of time and will last for many more years. Below are the three common base materials for synthetic grass installation:


    • Tarmac — it is the commonly used base as it is both porous and hard, making it a solid material as a foundation.


    • Asphalt — it is hard like tarmac, but not porous. This is still a great base for fake grass.


    • Concrete — it is the hardest and firmest, but it lacks porosity. So, a drainage system might be needed.
    Does artificial grass provide a pet friendly ground?

    To be sure about the quality and safety of fake grass, choose only the tested and proven artificial grass that comes from only reputable producers. High-quality ones don’t have strong chemicals that could put your furry pet’s health and safety at risk. With guaranteed durability, these materials won’t easily detach or tear off when pets chew on it or play around, and it is soft enough to not cause any skin irritation.

    What methods do I need to clean my artificial turf?

    Cleaning methods vary on factors such as the presence of pets, the amount of traffic and outdoor elements. Commonly, an artificial grass installation doesn’t really need cleaning. Heavy rain is sufficient for a thorough cleaning. To maintain its colour, artificial grass might need some hosing down once a week with some occasional brushing to remove leaves and debris.

    Is it okay to install artificial grass yourself?

    To make sure that installation of artificial grass is done right, you must possess the right set of skills, experience, and the equipment. Nowadays, there are a lot of homeowners who perform the installation on their own. In doing so, just be sure that you get quality supplies from the best company, and the instructions that come with it for the DIY installations.

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