sunderland artificial grass installation

If you are looking for a fast and guaranteed grass installation without much trouble, then having a synthetic turf installed is the way to go for it is easy and straightforward. Having the right skills and tools is actually necessary for you to actually perform the installation on your own. Luckily, Sunderland Artificial Grass Co can offer you the fake grass supplies you need. In addition to that, we can also design, supply, and install the fake grass in your property.

Below are installation processes involved:

Assessment Stage— in this stage, our experts will conduct an assessment of the surface. From there, we will get the exact measurement and calculation of the size of the area. Doing this will allow us to get what turf size is needed.

  • Base-works Stage— in this stage, we can fill up the area of the base using crushed dust or crushed rock. Doing this will allow us to properly lay down the fake grass later on.
  • Base Compacting Stage— in this stage, we will make sure that the base is below 10mm of the finished levels before compacting and levelling it.
  • Installation Stage — in this stage, we will roll out the fake turf to properly position it on the surface. While doing it, we will ensure that all joints are lined up and straight.
  • Grooming Stage — in this stage, we will do a final clean up so you can enjoy your artificial lawn right away!

We, at Sunderland Artificial Grass Co, we can cover all of your needs for artificial turf installation in your residential or commercial property. If you live in Sunderland, North East England, or in the surrounding towns, we can take care of your project excellently. Call us now!

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